Best Bed and Breakfast/Inn in South & Central America 2011
Immerse Yourself in Peaceful Luxury at a world renowned tropical hideaway
Come experience the beauty of Brazil, and the magic of the Cachoeira Inn.
Award winning Sanctuary

The Cachoeira Inn has received several accolades since opening our doors in Sept 2008. In this short and economically challenged period, we successfully became a top destination by discerned travelers throughout the globe. Recently, Trip Advisor’s “Travelers Choice Awards 2012” selected the Cachoeira Inn as a “Best B&B / Inn in Brazil and South America”. We were also selected as a “Top 10 International 2011-2012″ B&B by  In 2009, the New York Times featured the Cachoeira Inn in their “Great Homes and Destinations” publication.

Rejuvenation Retreat

For many of us, getting off “Life’s Treadmill” and escaping to a “Hidden Haven”, is the reason for our precious holiday. Auspiciously, the Cachoeira Inn is the perfect place to reunite your mind and body in Peaceful Luxury. Within our estate, we have eloquently harmonized the roars of waterfalls with the sounds of the sea, and fashioned multitudes of locations boasting extraordinary views. A guest once conveyed, “The sights and sounds of the Cachoeira Inn are better than the relaxation CD’s/DVD’s my stress therapist prescribed.”

Romantic Paradise

Honeymooners and passionate lovers will cherish the warmth of the Cachoeira Inn. We took great pride in embedding romance within the myriads of locations throughout the property. Unlike most popular resorts, which boast oversized spaces that are shared by the masses, the Cachoeira Inn evolved each setting with intimacy in mind. We repeatedly experienced each location during their evolution to ensure a romantic quality in the final result. As a testament to our fine diligence, Travel Agent Magazine featured the Cachoeira Inn in a story titled “Honeymoon in Búzios”. The article quoted, “The Cachoeira Inn is building a reputation as perhaps Búzios’ finest hotel.”