Here at the Cachoeira Inn, you can bask in the sun, relax under the shade, swim in a cool pool or explore out at sea. Whatever you think you need, we take great pride in offering myriads of places to be, diverse nature to see and of course, fun filled amenities.

In our quest to dream beyond the precipice of imagination and make fantasies come true, we, the Imagineer’s, continually elaborate and modify our expansive list of leisurely interests within the estate. We like to quote, “We’re the Resort without the Resort”. Friend’s and Guest’s often respond, “It’s like Disneyland for Adults”!
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Matahari Pavilion on mid summers day. Photo By: Nathan Jaffan

Tavarua Beach

We hope to see your smiling faces hanging around Tavarua Beach. Let the canopy of a tall coconut palm shelter you from the swelter.

Grotto Sundeck

Excellent spot to enjoy the afternoon and watch the day’s end, as the sun sets over the distant hillside. If you feel the need to cool down, take a dip in the pool that is right beside you.

Jog Lagoon & Falls

Upon entering the Cachoeira Inn, you will be greeted by cascading waterfalls descending into a garden lagoon.

Turtle Bar & Falls

Swim up, grab a bar stool and enjoy a fresh tropical cocktail, while Turtle Falls plummets down beside you.

Upper Sundeck

A perfect location to soak up some sun on one of our padded teak lounge chairs. Keep a look out for Sea Turtles that often frequent the cove below.

Sunset Beach

A private sandy beach awaits your arrival. Lay your canga out over the sand and grab some sun or retreat to the protection of a beach umbrella.

Sea Pool

Accessed from a small sandy beach right out our backdoor, beholds a natural sea pool, for you to explore and adore.

Angel Stream:

Take a stroll along Angel Stream, as it carves its way through lush tropical gardens.

Botanical Gardens

You will find a wide variety of tropical flowers, trees and palms throughout our estate. Our gardens are very dynamic and are always changing from season to season.

Angel Falls

Reaching high up in the sky and plunging deep into verdant gardens, is the Angel Falls.

Grotto Pool

Angel Stream and the 2nd stage of Matahari Falls converge upon you in the Grotto Pool. Tuck yourself behind the falls and take in the views.

Lounge Chair Pool:

A set of submerged lounge chairs will keep you cool while enjoying the mid day sun.

Ocean’s Edge

Take a moment to sit down and relax along the Sea’s edge. Let the suns stored up energy deep within the granite shoreline, radiate heat into your body.


Enjoy the panoramic views while letting the cool water hydro jets remove the stress deep within your muscles.

Water Side Fire Pit

Imagine sitting FIRE-SIDE, feet in the water, and hydro-jets pulsating on your legs while your body absorbs the heat radiating from the flames dancing above a crushed glass substrate.

Dry Sauna

In the off season when temperatures are a bit cooler, the dry sauna is a great relaxation option and combines nicely with the adjacent swimming pool.

Angel Spring

Feel the thunderous roar of Angel Falls as she crashes into a deep green pool, and overflows into the winding stream.

Piscina Tartaruga

No need to go very far, as there’s a watery retreat right out your front door. Piscina Tartaruga “Main Swimming Pool” is one of several elements encompassing the ocean front guest suites.

Matahari Pavilion

This charming sun deck is encompassed by botanical gardens, swimming pools, waterfalls, sand beach, winding stream and a coconut palm canopy.

Tree Fort

A hidden escape built below the main sundeck. Enjoy panoramic views of the ocean, hillside, gardens and pools which are front dropped with a Banana Tree grove.

Balé Penyu

Connecting the Guest Room Veranda to the Upper Sundeck is Balé Penyu, an outdoor living room is raised up over the main pool.

Matahari Lagoon

From above, Matahari Falls pours down on you into a shallow Pool. Matahari Lagoon is the 2nd swimming pool of a 3 tier aquatic element imbedded into the left corner of the hillside.

Your playground to immerse yourself in at the Cachoeira Inn. Photo By: Nathan Jaffan