Guest House

Your journey begins over a long bridge spanning across a sparkling lagoon. Lush tropical gardens and cascading waterfalls will accompany you towards a door, which reveals a view unlike you seen before.

Welcome to the heart and soul of the Cachoeira Inn. Our Eclectic Guest House offers six enchanting ambiances, each discerningly unique, and adorned with a collection of hidden treasures from around the globe.

Your Pathway to Paradise!

Open Air Veranda:

A variety of charming atmospheres delicately combine to share the panoramic views of Ferradura Bay. Let a sea breeze gently sway you in the hammock; Watch a sunset from the Balinese lounge chair; Enjoy a cocktail & snack at the table “Fruto do Mar”; Or socialize at the outdoor lounge.

Perfectly shaded from the midday sun.

A great place to relax and clear your mind.

Dusk filling the sky at the Fruto do Mar table on the Guest House Veranda.

Bar & Lounge:

Cocktails anyone; At the Bar, you will find a varied selection of Wine, Champagne, Beer, Spirits, Liquors and Cordials available for your drinking pleasure. If an umbrella drink soothes your soul, then speak up and let us know. Even more, a fresh Caipirinha awaits you when you come through the door!

Caipirinha Central

The Outdoor Lounge on the Veranda

A fire lit sky illuminates Ferradura Bay at twilight.

Media Room:

Enjoy a movie or concert DVD on our wide screen TV. Listen to some music on our pro-logic audio system. Read a book from our diverse subject matter library. Play a favorite old board game from your childhood past. Our Media Room is full of great entertainment options. Wi-Fi internet access is also available.

A hand crafted hutch from the Philippines.

Iemanja - Goddess of the Sea.

Local trade cabinetry made with Blond Cinnamon and finished with Teak doors.

Living Room:

Low to ground furnishings, colorful throw pillows and Ipê Hardwood Floors, make the living room the perfect place for a warm fire on a cool winter’s day. As this is rare, may we suggest you fore go the fire and enjoy the living room in your summer attire!

A cozy wood burning fireplace to help warm up a mid winter's evening.

Bright Eyes - A Snow Seal made of aged American Apricot and African Ebony...Cheers Dad!!

Imagine this room with a 2000 liter Salt Water Aquarium filling the window space to the day!

Dining Room:

Your morning feast will include an assortment of fresh tropical fruits and juices, granola, yogurts, milk, breads, pastries, meats and cheeses, egg’s to order, and fresh jams and spreads for your toast. Relax; watch the birds in the hibiscus trees while enjoying your scrumptious breakfast.

Indios dos Amazonias com Frutas - Acrylic on Canvas by Rio de Janeiro artist "Caio Nascimento".

2011 Christmas Morning Breakfast prepared by Mrs. Claus a.k.a. MOM.

Our freshly prepared breakfast will be waiting to feed your morning appetite after a good nights rest.


For those of you who have a passion for cooking, then we have the Kitchen for you. Both spacious and elegant, the Cachoeira Inn kitchen is available to our guests who desire to prepare and share a signature dish.

We inaugurated the Char-broiler with Jumbo Shrimp and Argentina Picanha.

Custom cabinets fixed on hand troweled walls set with coconut plaques.

Open and Spacious, the designer kitchen is fully loaded with Macom stainless steel commercial equipment.

Learn More About Our Cuisine.