A bona fide feature of the Cachoeira Inn is our great location. Strategically positioned along Ferradura’s rocky shoreline, we enjoy ample distance from the masses whom comb the beaches. While the crowds climb over each other claiming their territory, you’re sitting pretty out over a secluded cove with the day’s events unfolding before you. This perfect separation is discerning quality, and is quickly realized during peak summer months as the masses ensue.

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Ariel view of the Ferradura Bay inlet.

About the Resort Town of Búzios

The small fishing village of Búzios about two hours north of Rio de Janeiro, burst into prominence when French actress Brigitte Bardot visited this secluded place in her heyday. It has since grown to international repute, often likened to St. Tropez, offering visitors white sandy beaches and all season climate. Town is quiet during the day, as everyone heads to the many beaches. The downtown comes to life at nights, as the streets glisten with freshly tanned smiling faces.

Sun Seekers playing Fresca Ball at Geriba Beach.


Búzios offers more the 20 beaches boasting translucent waters with an average temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  From breaking surf, to calm clear inlets, there is a beach for everyone.  It all depends on the experience you’re looking for. 

Many of Búzios glorious beach specimens are within walking distance from the town center.  Without question, Beaches and Water Sports are THE DAY’s activities!!

Shops along Ruas das Pedras "Stone Street".


The down town area of Búzios focuses around Ruas das Pedras “stone street”.  This cobble stone street is over 400 meters long, and offers a myriad of dining, shopping and entertainment options of international repute. 

A sophisticated cosmopolitan nightlife, coupled with a relaxing beach atmosphere is what makes our town center truly unique.  Continuing beyond Ruas das Pedras, is the Orla Bardot. 

Mixed Churrasco at Don Juan's.


From Gourmet diner’s to simple eaters, Búzios offers wide variety of restaurants to choose from. 

International cuisines such as Brazilian, Italian, French, Portuguese, Argentinean Japanese and Thai are readily available and can be found throughout the city. 

And as for ambiances, you can dine over the sea, along the street or somewhere romantic and discreet!

One of many exquisite boutiques in Downtown.


Búzios offers world class shopping experiences unrivaled by any other destination of the same genre. 

Whether you’re on the beach or walking the streets, you will everything you’re looking for. 

Along Ruas das Pedras and side streets, you will find immaculate shops offering sculptures, jewelry, paintings, real-estate, house wares, souvenirs, shoes, sporting goods and beach clothing. 

Live Jazz at Patio Havanas.

Night Life

The town comes life as the evening hour arrives!  Action on the Ruas das Pedras stretches into the wee hours as the crowds gravitate to the city’s bars and nightclubs, many of which have live entertainment. 

Enjoy a tango show while feasting Argentine Beef at Don Juan; Learn to Samba while eating Chips and Guacamole at Mr. Brads; Sip on cool Mojitos and participate in a Salsa experience at Patio Havanas; Sing along with the band as they jam to good old rock and roll at the House of Rock and Roll; Toast with champagne as you relax to the sounds of the sea at Bar Anexo; Or dance the night away with a world touring DJ spinning up an electric beat at Pachá or Privilege.

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