Iguacu Falls Suite

Adorned with Mother Nature’s finest resources, Iguacu Falls Suite will submerge you in luxury and dazzle you with detail.

An artistically designed, local trade crafted, queen size sleeping environment of Massaranduba and Ipê Champagne hardwoods, is perfectly embedded into a deep recess; and then back dropped with a São Tomé Façade of geometrical shaped pieces of stone, hand fitted to form a Giant Puzzle.

Iguacu Falls Suite - Built-in queen size sleeping environment.

Shouldering your sleeping environment, are two walls of toned Ipê Champagne timbers vertically joined together and connected to sand hued porcelain flooring and hand axed Massaranduba Beams and Crown-Molding.

On site, custom built , woven Bamboo ceiling panels.

Lying down and looking up, your eyes will wonder through a matrix of individually crafted, on-site and hand woven, caramelized bamboo ceiling panels.

Iguacu Falls Suite - Adjoing wall in the sitting room.

The adjoining living room is married with a Rattan Couch and Matching Coffee Table, which rest against a half wall of Vertical Timbers and Geometric Shapes to form a Mini-Bar that is capped with a 2 ½” thick counter-top of Aged Ipê Tobacco hardwood.

Iguacu Falls Suite - Vanity and Mirror.

Blonde Cinnamon desk and shelving.

Set off to the corner is an open air Loura Canela “Blonde Cinnamon” wood closet and shelves, with Built-in Desk and accompanying teak chair.

Iguacu Falls Suite - Sitting room.

Entering the bathroom you sense subtle flavors of Italian artistry in the blending of Porcelain, Marble, Granite, Glass, Wood and Metal to provide three charmingly discrete water environments.

Os Dançarinos - By: Rio Artist Paulo Nascimento.

View from Iguacu Falls Suite.

Iguacu Falls consists of 275 waterfalls over a 2.7km stretch.