Victoria Falls Suite

A post card view is what you will see while staying in the Victoria Suite. This charming suite is rich with raw earthly delights that have been delicately combined to create your lair.

The built-in queen size bed was restored to retain some of the original features of the room from the original construction. The bed frame starts with intersecting Beams of Massarandubu hardwood that are supported by a base of Mortar and Brick, and then finished with Porcelain tile.

Victoria Falls Suite - Built-in queen size bed with polished Coconut headboard.

Victoria Falls Suite

The headboard is capped with polished coconut mosaic tiles, which are encased by a stone façade of horizontally laid fillets of São Tome.

Connected to both sides of the bed, are built-in night stands of aged Ipê Tobacco.

Lying down and looking up, is the ceiling fitted with hand-woven bamboo ceiling panels that are held in place by Massarandubu Lavrada crown molding.

Victoria Falls Suite - Bed Stand

Neighboring the bed are a round pompasan chair and hexagonal bamboo coffee table set against a wall of vertically connected boards of Ipê Champagne.

Victoria Falls Suite

Crossing the threshold and into the bathroom, you step on to tumbled Travertine Marble flooring.

Victoria Falls Suite - Bathroom

A framed extra large mirror finishes the facade, bringing the sea and hillside into the room.

Diagonally opposite of the foot of the bed, is a floor to ceiling niche that is shrouded with Canjiquinha Caco São Tome, then incorporated with a counter-top of Aged Ipê Tobacco hardwood.

At the end of the short corridor, that is left of the niche, is a closet with shelves made of Blond Cinnamon and the entrance to the bathroom.

To the right of the niche, is a vertical wood timber wall that is adorned with a mural size piece of art.

Mural now Showing in Victoria Falls Suite.
Capoeira com Maracatu - By Rio Artist: Celio Silva

Three walls of walls are covered with subtly hued, orange Porcelain tiles with matching designer trim.

Glass block shower divider.

The vanity, boasting a counter fashioned with a gorgeous specimen of Florence Granite, is separated from the shower by a partition of glass blocks.

To add contrast and texture to the bathroom, one wall is fitted with boards of stained Ipê Champagne and the ceiling is capped with rectangle shaped plaques of Pedra Amarela.

The view outside the doors of Victoria Falls Suite.

While it is neither the highest nor the widest waterfall in the world, it is claimed to be the largest. This claim is based on a width of 1,708 metres - 5,604 ft and height of 108 metres - 354 ft, forming the largest sheet of falling water in the world.