About Us

The Cachoeira Inn was architect-ed and realized by visionaries and proprietors, Matt and Susan Marshall. Together, we share over 50 years experience in the Hospitality and Telecommunication technology industries. Through our pursued interests and careers, we have been provided with opportunities to live, work and travel throughout the Americas, Asia and South Pacific. Our innate desires to explore eclectic culture’s, savor exotic cuisines and live in worlds unknown to most, has bestowed us with a global perspective in business and pleasure. In 2003 we embarked on our journey and brought to fruition the Cachoeira Inn.

As the owners of the Cachoeira Inn, we correspond with a philosophy that today’s luxury market is defined by what is “Exceptionally Rare” rather than being “Obtrusively Expensive”. The modern luxury traveler evaluates a destination’s exceptionalities and what differentiates it from the mainstream products. After careful consideration, and then real-life experience, our guests conclude the Cachoeira Inn is not only exceptional, but represents a quantum leap in the Vacation Experience”. Clients continually remark, neither photos nor words can portray the Cachoeira Inn’s awe-inspiring beauty, and that her true enchantment is only revealed to those who “Live It”.

Over the past 9 years, we have instituted strong associations and close friendships with local and regional restaurants, boutiques, tour companies, independent operators, wellness therapist, personal trainers, private drivers, hotels, pousadas and governmental agencies, from Rio de Janeiro to Armação dos Búzios. We understand the importance of strong relationships, but most of all, the added value a guest receives by us maintaining them!

Through the continued development of close affiliations with our Clients, as well as Luxury Travel Providers throughout the world, we will be able to realize even greater visions, and impart more reasons to stay with us. More importantly, provide our guests with an innate desire to return year after year to a Home Away from Home, and spend quality time with Friends, Family and of course, the one held Close to Heart.

Rest assured, as a guest of the Cachoeira Inn you will experience accommodations and services unlike anywhere else in the world. The combination of location, architecture, culture, nature, vision, experience and hands on management, are truly unique. Simply put, there is NO OTHER, there is ONLY the Cachoeira Inn. We welcome you to come experience what others are raving about and share in the Dream.

Matt and Susan Marshall - Owners of The Cachoeira Inn

Our Vision:

Deliver distinguished accommodations and services to contemporary luxury travelers from around the world.

Our Mission:

To create personalized portfolios by understanding our client’s desires, then realize them by way of applied management. Exceed guest’s expectations as a result of intuitive competency, thus raising the bar for the industry to aspire too. To always be the Paradigm Shift characterizing the realm of luxury travel.